Many individuals unable to attend our Sunday morning services enjoy listening to our sermons online. We hope you enjoy, are touched and motivated by these messages. Click on the sermon series picture below to view the messages in each series.

The Healer

There are many ways that Jesus heals us.  Listen to Pastor Scott and elders, Mac Owen and Rob Gleghorn, as they share what God’s Word says about healing.


Many of us have had questions about baptism over the years.  If you missed this powerful sermon from Scott about what the Word says about baptism, you will definitely want to listen to this message. 

Special DIG 17 Sunday

Enjoy this message as Pastor Scott interviews some of the Impact family who have been changing lives around the world and here in Teller County!

The Ten Commandments

This 10-week series will take us through each of the commandments and give us an idea of how they apply to our lives today.

One Kingdom

This Sunday, we were blessed to have a guest speaker from One Kingdom to share some of the many ways they are sharing the Gospel all over the world.

Special DIG 17 Sunday

Enjoy this message as Pastor Scott interviews some of the Impact family to share how they are digging in this year!

Mother’s Day

If you missed Mother’s day, you absolutely must listen to this hilarious and passionate message from comedian, Brad Stine!

I Am

This great series will be going through many of the things Jesus said He is starting with a special Easter Sunday message titled, “I am the Resurrection”.

Special DIG 17 Sunday

This is a wonderful message including the opportunity to hear from the entire Mexico Mission Team right after they have returned from their latest trip!

Famous Last Words

This series takes a look at some of Jesus’s famous last words and gives us some insight to how perfect He really is.

Living an Exceptional Life

Listen as Elder, Mac Owen delivers a powerful message about how each of us can live an exceptional life.

I Need 2 Change

We all have areas of our lives where we need to change to be more like Jesus.  This special series helps lead us through some of these areas.


If you missed this powerful message from our good friend Chappy, be sure to take some time to listen to this one!


2017 is starting off an exciting year at Impact where the entire church family will be digging in to get closer to God.  Be sure to join us for each of the powerful messages in this series to kick off the new year!

Away in a Manger

If you missed this Sunday, be sure to listen to Pastor Kylle’s unique look at who was at the manger the day or Lord was born!

Super Heroes of the Faith

Many of the Super Heroes we read of in the Bible were just normal, imperfect people just like each of us. Join us for messages in this series to hear about many of these heroes.

4-Letter Words

There are many 4-letter words we don’t want to say or hear but this great 4-week series will get into some of the most important 4-letter words in our Christian Walk!

Celebrate Recovery’s 5-year Anniversary


A Glimpse of Heaven


Bless Our Home

Each of us want to have our home blessed as we continue on the Walk with our Lord and Savior.  Join us for this series to learn how we can all have a blessed home.
jonah logo


Join Pastor Scott as he walks us through the story of Jonah in this exciting 4-week series!

Father’s Day – Indoor Campfire Service

This Father’s Day we had a very special indoor campfire service as a celebration for all of the men at Impact.  If you missed this fun service, be sure to listen to this message about “building Kingdom legacies” by our Executive Minister, Kent Gordon.
No Perfect

No Perfect People Allowed

One thing we always say around Impact is “there are no perfect people allowed”!  This is a great message presented by Pastor Scott reiterating that statement. 

Absolutely Positive   

This six week series takes us through some parts of our lives that we should be absolutely positive about.  You won’t want to miss a single one of these messages!

Dangerous Prayers

Believe your big risks will be rewarded. Believe what you ask for is possible. If you’re ready to see a spark in your life, pray boldly. Pray daringly. Pray with fire. And remember God’s listening to your Dangerous Prayers.

Resurrection Sunday

If you missed our special Easter Sunday services, you will want to hear this incredible message delivered by our elder, Mac Owen.  You may also click here to enjoy the amazing worship while watching an upside-down speed painting of the resurrection.

Brutiful Collision

It may not be a word according to spell-check but we should all add it to our vocabulary.  Be sure to listen to this series to see how God transforms brutal events into beautiful messages in our lives.

What’s Your Calling?

Rob Gleghorn shares a fun and powerful message about what we are called to do with our time here on earth. 
My Story

My Story

This short but powerful series will take you deep inside your heart to see what you can do personally to serve and honor God in the way He asks of you.

Mission Sunday

Missions is one of the pillars we stand on as a church.  Pastor Scott shares a special about what missions is all about with a special guest, Brandon Williams.  This message also includes the sendoff and prayers over our Thailand Mission Team.

Holy Discontent

This Sunday Pastor Scott shared a great message about Holy discontent. Be sure to listen to this message about how each of us can start the New Year in a way that is pleasing to God!

Christmas Carols

This fun series will take us through Christmas as we look at various Christmas carols to learn about the meaning behind them, how and why they were written and how the words can apply to our everyday lives in walking with the Lord.

 Special Guests from Duck Dynasty

If you were unable to attend this Sunday, you missed a real treat.  This incredible message delivered by Duck Dynasty’s Alan and Lisa Robertson was nothing short of captivating and inspiring.  Be sure to listen to this message that over 800 people from our church family and community were able to enjoy in person.
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 Living up to our Name

This great series takes us through six weeks of valuable lessons of how we as a church and individuals can live up to our name, Impact! 

 Mission Sunday

Missions is one of the pillars we stand on as a church.  Listen to this special “Mission Sunday” message to see how we are impacting the world from Teller County to Thailand.
From this day forward 1

From This Day Forward

Tired of watching marriages crumble? Fed up with couples giving up? Would you like to guarantee that your marriage will last? Join the fight against destruction and make five commitments to fail proof your marriage, From This Day Forward.

Lovedoes 2

 Love Does

This fun and exciting series titled “Love Does” will walk us through seven weeks of learning about loving like Jesus. Once we learn how to love like Jesus, we will be able to live like Jesus!



Most of us today live in such a fast-paced lifestyle that we are constantly overwhelmed with our day to day living.  Check out what Pastor Scott shares from the Word about how we can reduce some of the stress in our lives.

What would God say to the Supreme Court?

This special message takes a look at God’s Word to see how He must feel about the recent gay marriage ruling from the Supreme Court.  If you missed this Sunday, be sure to listen to Pastor Scott as we look at this major decision that will continue taking our country further away from God’s plan for His children!


Esther Gordon – The World Race

One of Impact’s very own missionaries shares her experience from 11 countries around the world and how they relate to Impact’s vision of missions, discipleship, and community.  

A Father’s Day Message

If you missed Father’s Day at Impact, be sure to listen to this powerful message about how each of us can leave a legacy for generations to come!
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The Mission of Impact

During this 3-week series, Pastor Scott, shares about the three pillars of Missions, Discipleship, and Community that make up the foundation supporting our vision of “Loving, God, Loving, People, and Changing Lives.” 

Celebrate Recovery Sunday

Impact Elder and Celebrate Recovery’s National Director, Mac Owen, delivers this powerful message through God’s Word.  Learn more about this ministry of Impacts and how CR can help all of us with our hurts, habits, and hang-ups!

“I don’t think so God!”

Pastor Jeff shares this special message titled, “I don’t think so God – the Life of Jonah”.  
Mothers day

A Mother’s Day Message

Pastor Scott delivers this great message about mothers on this dedicated Sunday we celebrate as Mother’s Day.  
31 End of Time

The Story: The Final Act

After many weeks of going through the Bible and understanding God’s Word in a novel form, we are coming to an end of this amazing journey. Join us now for “final act”. 

The Story: Act 5

Join us for Act 5 as we go through the New Testament portion of “The Story” to see how our story fits into God’s big story.  

The Story: Act 4

Join us for Act 4 as we finish up the last section of the Old Testament portion of “The Story” to see how our story fits into God’s big story.  
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The Story: Act 3

Join us for Act 3 of God’s story to learn about some of the divinely inspired leaders who acted as champions for the Israelites from oppression by foreign rulers, and models of wise and faithful behavior towards God following the exodus from Egypt.

The Story: Act 2

Join us for Act 2 of God’s story to see how your story fits into His big story.  This 31-week series is bringing Impact together to take us through the Bible in an exciting and easy to understand format.
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The Story: Act 1

This is the series that everyone has been waiting for!  Join us for an opportunity to see how your story fits into God’s story.  This 31-week series with take you through the Bible with an exciting and easy to understand format.

A Christmas Story

If you were unable to join us the Sunday before Christmas, be sure to listen to Pastor Scott’s special Christmas message about the greatest gift ever given to mankind!

Impact Mission Sunday

Impact Church is proud of our Mission Team and the missionaries and ministries we support here in Teller County and around the world.  Listen to hear from our Mission Team leader, Richard Johnson, as he shares some vision along with a great message from Erik and Becky Lara as they head out to Thailand.  You will also hear from a couple of our other missionaries, Esther Gordon and Brandon Williams.

Faith Under Pressure; The Story of Job

The Family Circus - Series slide

My Family Circus

Everybody has a family circus!  Whether you are single, young or old, parent or grandparent, you know it’s true.  This fun and educational series based on God’s Word is going to help us all see how we can turn our personal circus into a God honoring life here on Earth.


Defining Moments

This series takes a look at the various moments in each of our lives that defines us and helps create us into the individuals we are.


Pray Like Jesus

Each of us have developed our own personal ways of communicating with God.  Join us for this amazing series as we develop ways to have a closer relationship with Jesus and learn to pray like He did to His Heavenly Father.

Happy 1

Happy, Happy, Happy

The Beatitudes are the set of teachings by Jesus that begin “Blessed are…”, and appear in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The term beatitude comes from the Latin adjective beātitūdō which means “happy”. Come join along in this series as we learn how to be “Happy, Happy, Happy” by following these instructions Jesus laid out for us known as the Sermon on the Mount.


Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith

Join us for this series to learn about the five things that God uses to help us build a stronger and deeper faith and relationship with Him!


Eyewitnesses to Christmas

Imagine being a part of the actual Christmas story.  This series takes a look at Christmas through the eyes of those who witnessed this miraculous event firsthand.     




Harvest - Copy


The Apostle Paul said we harvest what we plant, and Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive. In this series we look at what God says in His Word about giving and sowing what He blesses us with, and the incredible benefits of generosity.

Your Next Step

Next Steps

In this series we look at a number of possible “next steps” the Lord may be calling you to take. From joining a life group to being immersed in Christian baptism – the point is to listen for HIS voice and leading, and then follow whenever we hear it.

App for That

There’s an App for That!

“App” is short for “Application”.  It is application, rather than just information, that we need to seek as we read God’s Word. In this series we look at some of the parables of Jesus looking for the truths in them that He wants to apply to our lives.

The Fighter

The Fighter

Life can be a struggle, and even though Scripture makes it clear that we will win this battle in the end as Christ followers, it can be a tough fight along the way. In this series we talk about some of the vantage points from which we must fight along the way.

Love Ever After

Love Ever After

“Till death do us part” – that’s God’s plan for marriage. In this series we look at marriage from the perspective of the amazing little book called “The Song of Solomon” in the Old Testament and fun modern songs as well.