Hike with Mike

On a regular basis, the family team schedules hikes we call “Hike with Mike”.  Our fearless leader, Mike Boyer, has had many years of experience hiking the mountains of Colorado as a scoutmaster, search and rescue member, and avid outdoorsman.  Mike shares his knowledge of the mountains throughout the hike, provides spiritual application, all while keeping the safety and comfort of the entire group in mind. Our hikes may may be enjoyed throughout each season of the year.  Be sure to join us on our next venture to enjoy some of God’s beautiful creation!Hike with Fade

Next Hike

Saturday, August 7-8

Join the professor to climb a 14’er.  We will be camping out on the evening of August 7 in order to get an early start on Saturday morning.  We will be hiking Grays & Torreys.  If anyone doesn’t want to do both they can just do Grays (6 miles round) or include Torreys for 2 more miles. We will be camping around Horse Shoe Basin Friday night and hit trail head sat. Morning at 6.

For more information, call Mike Boyer at 661-0393 or email him.

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