Many individuals unable to attend our Sunday morning services enjoy listening to our sermons online. We hope you enjoy, are touched and motivated by these messages. Click on the sermon series picture below to view the messages in each series.



Eyewitnesses to Christmas

Imagine being a part of the actual Christmas story.  This series takes a look at Christmas through the eyes of those who witnessed this miraculous event firsthand.     




Harvest - Copy


The Apostle Paul said we harvest what we plant, and Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive. In this series we look at what God says in His Word about giving and sowing what He blesses us with, and the incredible benefits of generosity.

Your Next Step

Next Steps

In this series we look at a number of possible “next steps” the Lord may be calling you to take. From joining a life group to being immersed in Christian baptism – the point is to listen for HIS voice and leading, and then follow whenever we hear it.

App for That

There’s an App for That!

“App” is short for “Application”.  It is application, rather than just information, that we need to seek as we read God’s Word. In this series we look at some of the parables of Jesus looking for the truths in them that He wants to apply to our lives.

The Fighter

The Fighter

Life can be a struggle, and even though Scripture makes it clear that we will win this battle in the end as Christ followers, it can be a tough fight along the way. In this series we talk about some of the vantage points from which we must fight along the way.

Love Ever After

Love Ever After

“Till death do us part” – that’s God’s plan for marriage. In this series we look at marriage from the perspective of the amazing little book called “The Song of Solomon” in the Old Testament and fun modern songs as well.