Many individuals unable to attend our Sunday morning services enjoy listening to our sermons online. We hope you enjoy, are touched and motivated by these messages. Click on the sermon series picture below to view the messages in each series.



A Christmas Story

If you were unable to join us the Sunday before Christmas, be sure to listen to Pastor Scott’s special Christmas message about the greatest gift ever given to mankind!

Impact Mission Sunday

Impact Church is proud of our Mission Team and the missionaries and ministries we support here in Teller County and around the world.  Listen to hear from our Mission Team leader, Richard Johnson, as he shares some vision along with a great message from Erik and Becky Lara as they head out to Thailand.  You will also hear from a couple of our other missionaries, Esther Gordon and Brandon Williams.

Faith Under Pressure; The Story of Job

The Family Circus - Series slide

My Family Circus

Everybody has a family circus!  Whether you are single, young or old, parent or grandparent, you know it’s true.  This fun and educational series based on God’s Word is going to help us all see how we can turn our personal circus into a God honoring life here on Earth.


Defining Moments

This series takes a look at the various moments in each of our lives that defines us and helps create us into the individuals we are.


Pray Like Jesus

Each of us have developed our own personal ways of communicating with God.  Join us for this amazing series as we develop ways to have a closer relationship with Jesus and learn to pray like He did to His Heavenly Father.

Happy 1

Happy, Happy, Happy

The Beatitudes are the set of teachings by Jesus that begin “Blessed are…”, and appear in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The term beatitude comes from the Latin adjective beātitūdō which means “happy”. Come join along in this series as we learn how to be “Happy, Happy, Happy” by following these instructions Jesus laid out for us known as the Sermon on the Mount.


Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith

Join us for this series to learn about the five things that God uses to help us build a stronger and deeper faith and relationship with Him!