Many individuals unable to attend our Sunday morning services enjoy listening to our sermons online. We hope you enjoy, are touched and motivated by these messages. Click on the sermon series picture below to view the messages in each series.


Mission Sunday

God With Us

This is our 2018 Advent series. Be sure to join us for all four of these special messages as we lead up to the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior!

Special Sermons

These two special, stand alone sermons are presented by our friend Chappy and Pastor Scott.


God says we are to see ourselves as “foreigners” or “aliens” or “temporary exiled residents” on earth, keeping our eyes primarily focused on Him and the coming reward and home He is preparing for us in Heaven.  Join us as we discover courage, strength, and hope through this study in 1 Peter.


Most of us have fears of some type. This series will take a look into some of those fears and what God has to say about them in His Word and how we can overcome them!

Back to the Basics

Sometimes the best way to get a handle on our busy lives here on Earth is just to get back to the basics. Listen up as Pastor Scott shares his ideas on this concept. 

Oldies but Goodies

This four week series is a collection of some of the elder’s favorite stories from the Old Testament.

Faith Like a Child

There is something special about a child’s faith. Jesus made it clear that we should have a child-like faith. Join us for this fun series as we explore how to forgive, be teachable and unoffendable, honest, and brave like a child.


If we want to live more like Jesus, sometimes we have to do the unordinary things in life. Follow this series as we look into an unordinary way of living. 

Life According to Jim

Join us for this series as Pastor Scott leads us through the book of James to see how we can live more like Jesus!

The M&M Plan

There is no better way to grow in our Walk with the Lord than to get into His Word. The M&M Plan is an amazing book put together by Pastor Scott to lead us through a beautiful journey of memorizing and meditating on scripture.

Tony Wolf

Tony is a world-renowned speaker and comedian and a tireless voice for children living in poverty. Through his work with Compassion, Wolf has become the number one ranked advocate for child sponsorship. Over the past six years, more than 29,025 children have been rescued from poverty thanks to Tony’s efforts.