A Journey through Good Friday

Impact’s Journey through Good Friday is an amazing self-led experience that walks you through Jesus’ final days on earth.  You may come anytime between 3:00 and 8:00 on Friday but please fill out the short form below and select a time slot you would like to attend.  The walk through experience normally takes about 30 minutes.



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If you were unable to attend our Good Friday Experience last year, we hope you will take some time to hear what others had to say about this special event.  It was this day in history that God displayed the greatest act of love ever known to man.  You may also click on our Good Friday Experience booklet below to read or download the story of the major events that occurred between the Last Supper and Jesus’ crucifixion.

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Click the picture below to read the Good Friday Experience!

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 The reflection stations that my husband and I walked through were life changing. Being able to touch look at, and pick up the things that He did during that time and reflecting on the things that Jesus endured during his final moments of life truly humbled us and brought us to a whole level of Love to feel towards our Savior. HE IS RISEN!!

-The Campbell Family

It was truly a wonderful experience. My family and I were really touched by all the stations and it was a nice silent reflecting time. It touched our hearts, mind and soul. I left the church feeling happy and sad at the same time but most of all felt even closer to our God. I want thank you and all the church family members that have taken part in given us this opportunity to reflect.

The Donegan’s


We enjoyed that the service was a self lead journey. Because each station was different, it challenged our thinking and made us dive deeper into our faith. Walking through a glimpse of what Jesus walked through made the whole experience come alive and made us anticipate the coming Easter morning. It was a journey that one could truly feel the Spirit teaching and talking to you.

Z&A Smith

wash basin



From the first station of experiencing the Last Supper I wept visualizing Jesus’ last meal with his disciples. Then picking up the hammer and driving the spikes into a log, put me in a place of reflection with a sense of what it must have been like for Jesus taking on all the sins of the world including mine.  We are so grateful we got to experience Good Friday with our Forever Family at Impact Church.

Mac & Mary Owen


Jesus - cross beam



I have been to many different Christian services, performances, and experiences over the years but none have touched me as much as the Good Friday Experience at Impact.  This was an amazing evening reflecting on the last days of Jesus’ life and the true suffering and sacrifice that He went through for me personally.  Thank you so much for this opportunity for me and my family!



The amazing thing about the Good Friday experience at Impact Christian Church is that it gives you an opportunity to personally and physically engage in God’s story.  You are no longer an outsider reading about what Christ did for you, instead you are walking through the events Christ walked through yourself.  If you struggle with gaining perspective when reading a story, getting to experience it will give you the perspective you’ve been lacking.  When walking through His story at my own pace, I found myself physically and emotionally “stuck” at some stations that I hadn’t assumed I would respond to much at all.  But, that’s God for you, continually reaching out and expressing His love in ways unexpected.  And that’s the church for you, drawing you closer to the feet of Christ than you were before you came in the doors.  It was a night to remember and a night worth sharing with anyone willing to listen.


Jesus - communion


It was a surprise to see what truly impacted me the most with the Good Friday Experience.  As we walked into the Garden, I had this overwhelming flood of emotion and thoughts about how Jesus must have felt.  Have you ever kneeled …as low as you could… praying…but the prayer was just a cry….no words to describe your thoughts, your feelings….your prayers just bursting out in tears?  I just had a sense that Jesus felt that way, knowing what was coming but unable to express his sorrow over how men of the flesh were unable to truly understand or comprehend the love that God has for us and his desire for us to have eternity with him.  It was truly and impactful experience for me.

Tracey Cannella


The set up and organization were superb, and I so appreciated the unique experience in prayer communing with the Holy Spirit.  The effect of this service on me was profound, fostering a wonderful closeness with God in reliving Jesus’ Easter weekend.  I am overwhelmed by how my own Christian faith has grown over the last year, which was strongly reinforced on this Good Friday.    

In Jesus’ holy name,

Dave Case

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The Good Friday experience at Impact was phenomenal! I loved the interactive stations, especially the nails and feeling how heavy the cross was. In the final scene, we got to reflect on how we are the image of Christ – something I desire to do daily. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of what is was really like for Jesus to die for me.  



I surveyed each station before leaving the sanctuary, running each through my mind one more time. The whipping post and blood – made that day real. Suddenly it was a personal human experience not a distant event. The post, the blood, the weight of the cross, the driving of a spike, all made the pain Jesus experienced more real and made Him all the more human. Isn’t that what we want – a human Savior? One we can relate to, and can relate to us? Then I walked through the door to leave and … there He was alive! Risen! Our Savior lives! And we are alive in Him! What joy!

David Perkins


The Good Friday Experience brought to life and helped me visualize Jesus’s final days on earth and the agony He suffered so we could receive His grace and forgiveness for our sins. I felt as if I was walking through these final days with Him and His Holy Spirit was guiding me. Thank you and everyone involved for spending so much time and effort.

Martha Greathouse

Join us to experience and celebrate the two most important days in history!

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